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Bridge Studios is based in Vancouver, BC — the third largest film & TV production center in North America — and boasts the ideal space, film equipment, service, and labour for your next feature film, T.V. movie series, or commercial. Since its infancy in 1987, Bridge Studios has hosted more than one thousand film and television productions, including Once Upon a Time, the original MacGyver, and Stargate television series and films such as Jumanji, Legends of the Fall, and First Blood (Rambo). The studio was the first in Vancouver, British Columbia, and is based on a 15-acre piece of land that hosts 13 soundstages, ranging from 4,500 - 18,000 square feet. This iconic Boundary Studios location offers parking, a support building, security, production offices, and lighting/grip powered by the MBS Equipment Company.

Over the next three years, Bridge Studios will be launching three new filming locations in and around Vancouver to address the increasing excess demand for sound stage supply. By 2026, Bridge Studios will be operating 55 sound studios featuring 50-foot-high stages, ranging from 9,000 to over 30,000 square feet with ample onsite parking — all studios will be fossil free, operating off hydro-electricity.

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